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  JRC JUE-596 MF/HF GMDSS SSB Radio Telephone
JRC JUE-596 MF/HF GMDSS SSB Radio Telephone

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 JSS-596 MF/HF SSB Radio Telephone   NEW!


500W MF/HF SSB with DSC/NBDP and Battery Charger

  • R.R., SOLAS, CCIR Compliant
  • TX: 1.6 to 27. %MHz (100Hz Steps)
  • RX: 0.1 to 29.9999MHz (100Hz Steps)
  • Power Output: 250W
  • Power Supply: 100/110/120/220VAC

The JSS-596 MF/HF SSB meets all the performance standards in accordance with IMO and complies with GMDSS. It is designed for vessels navigating A2, A3 and A4 Sea Areas. It consists mainly of the JSS-596, 500W Radiotelephone, ATU, DSC/NBDP Modem, Data Terminal Equipment, Keyboard, Power Amplifier, Battery Charger and AC/DC Auto-switching. The JSS-596 provides the optimum GMDSS system for the superior performance, compact, lightweight and highly efficient design of the units, which ensures easy operation for distress and safety calling as well as general communications.


System Features

  • Type Approved in accordance with all the performance standards required by IMO resolutions:  A.804 (19) and A.806 (19)
  • Are equipped, and suitable for GMDSS radio installations of vessels navigating A2, A3 and A4 Sea Areas.
  • The DISTRESS button is protected by a cover to prevent inadvertent distress transmission.
  • A built-in high grade self-check function centrally-controlled using the JSB-196GM ensures easy maintenance.
  • The dummy load for checking the NFC-696 Antenna Tuning Unit (ATU) is built-in and not required to connect as an extra unit.
  • The ATU can be installed outdoors such as on deck, ensuring effective emission of transmitter power.

System Specifications


Frequency Range: 
     TX:   1.6 to 27.5 MHz (100Hz steps)
     RX:   0.1 to 29.9999 MHz (100Hz steps)
Frequency Tolerance:            + 10Hz or better
Emission Mode:                    J3E (TEL), F1B (DSC/TLX), A1A (CW),
                                            H2B, H3E (AME:   reception only)
User Definable Channels:      200ch (20ch x 10 Groups)
Preset ITU Channels:            1722ch (TEL: 283, DSC: 29, TLX: 891,
                                            CW: 519)
Scanning Channel:                 20 user defined channels
Communication Mode:          Simplex and semi-duplex
Antenna Impedance:             50 ohms
Operating Temperature:        -15ē to +55ē C
Power Requirement:             90~132V/180~264V AC, Single-phase, 
                                           50/60 Hz
                                            TX:  2.0kVA max     RX:  0.5kVA max
                                            21.6~31.2 VDC
                                            TX:  30A max     RX:  7A max
Compass Safe Distance:       4.9’ (1.5m)

Output Power:                     500W
Occupied Bandwidth:           J3E (TEL) 3 kHz or better
                                           F1B (DSC/TLX), A1A (CW) 0.5 kHz
                                           or better
Carrier Suppression:            40 dB or better
Spurious Suppression:          43 dB or better
AF Frequency Response:    350 to 2700 Hz (6 dB bandwidth)
Microphone Input:               600 ohms (-40dBm standard)
Line Input:                           600 ohms, (0dBm balanced)

Receiving System:                Triple Super Heterodyne
Intermediate Frequencies:    70.455 MHz, 455 kHz, 20.217 kHz
Sensitivity (SINAD 20 dB):  J3E (TEL)  6.3uV or better (1.6 to 4 MHz)
                                                      3.5uV or better (4 to 27.5 MHz)
                                           F1B (DSC/TLX)  1.8uV or better (1.6 to 4 MHz)
                                                      1.0uV or better (4 to 27.5 MHz)
Selectivity:                           J3E (TEL)  6 dB Bandwidth, 2.4 to 3 kHz
                                                       66 dB Bandwidth, within +2.1 kHz
                                           F1B (DSC/TLX)   6 dB Bandwidth, 270 to 300 Hz
                                                      60 dB Bandwidth, within +550 Hz
Spurious Response:            60 dB or better
Clarifier Range:                   +200 Hz in 1 Hz steps
AF Output:                         5.0 W max, 1 W rated
Line Output:                       600 ohms, 0dBm (balanced)

Communications Protocol:  In conformity with:  ITU-RM.476, M.490, M.491, M.492, M.625 and ITU-T Rec. F130
Emission:                            F1B/J2B, 100 baud
Code:                                10 units error detection specified by ITU-RM.493
Clock:                               Within + 30ppm
Data Backup Time:            24 hours (message content and time data)
Mark Frequency:               1615 + 0.5 Hz
Space Frequency:              1785 + 0.5 Hz
Output Level:                     0dBm (-20 to +10dBm variable/600 ohms balanced)
Input Frequency:                1700 + 85 Hz
Input Level:                        -25 to +10dBm (600 ohm balanced load)

Receiving Frequencies:       2187.5kHz, 4207.5kHz, 6312kHz,
                                         8414.5kHz, 12577kHz, 16804.5kHz
Receiving System:              Double Super Heterodyne
intermediate Frequencies:   40.455MHz, 455kHz
Reception Mode:               F1B/J2B
Sensitivity:                         Symbol error rate of 1% or better at 1 micro-volt input
Frequency stability:            Within + 10Hz after 1-minute warm up
Antenna Impedance:         50 ohms unbalanced

Frequency Range:            1.6 to 30 MHz
Power Capability:             800W pep
SWR after Tuning:            2:1
Tuning Method:                Automatic tuning and preset tuning
Tuning Time:                    Automatic Tuning:  typical 3 seconds
Preset Tuning:                  typical 0.5 seconds
Operating Temperature:   -25ē to+55ēC

Charging Current:            20A (Ordinary charge)  10A (Equalizing charge)
Alarm Function:              Charge/Low Voltage/High Voltage Alarm

Controlled Item:              NBDP function (Control the DSC/NBDP)

Interface:                        Matrix
Contact Method:            Membrane sheet
Life:                               5 million strokes

Print Method:                 Serial impact dot matrix
Interface:                        CENTRONICS
Paper Feed Method:      Paper roll holder
Paper Type:                   209 to 216mm roll paper

System Components
JSB-196GM                 Transmitter/Receiver Main Unit
7NZJD0001                  RX Splitter
NQW-213                    Hand Set
MPBP00127A              Hand Set Holder
7ZCSC0043A               Power Cable
NAH-696                      Power Amplifier
     (includes Battery Charger and AC/DC Auto Switching)
NCT-196N                   DSC Modem/NBDP Terminal
7ZCJD00139                9’ (3m) Power Cable
7ZCJD00071                4.9’ (1.5m) AF Cable
7ZCJD00072                4.9’ (1.5m) DTE Signal Cable
NFC-896                      Antenna Tuning Unit
7CZJD0044A                Tuner Connection Cable
NDZ-127J                     Data Terminal Equipment (DTE)
6ZCSC00582                DTE Power Cable
NDZ-268                      Keyboard
NDH-265                     FDD Unit, 3.5” Floppy Disc Drive
6ZCAF00297               FDD Cable
NKG-800                     Printer for NCT-196 (Area A3)
5ZPCM00006              Roll paper (1 Roll Supplied)
6JNKD00100A            Printer Power Cable
6ZCSC00407               3.3’ (1m) Printer Cable (2)
SW-ATB21K               Printer Change-Over Unit
NQE-3196                   Connection Box
7ZCJD00178               Connection Cable
3D-2V                         13.1’ (4m) Cable
7ZXJD0030                 Spare Parts
7ZPDJ00157               Quick Reference for NCT-196N
7ZPJD0141                 Quick Reference Guide (JSB-196GM)
7ZHJD0162                 Instruction Manual (English)

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