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Raymarine Thermal Imaging System FLIR Thermal Imaging System

Thermal Imagers allow one to see the smallest gradation in surrounding objects' temperatures regardless of external light conditions. With the help of Newcon Optik Thermal Imagers, you can find a human under snow avalanche, notice a foe behind a bush, detect bad contact in a high-voltage line, and do much more.

Navigator is a low-cost thermal imager designed for navigation and collision avoidance. With Navigator, it's easy to see floating debris, channel markers, and other boats in total darkness and reduced visibility, allowing you to navigate with confidence day and night. FLIR offers three configurations of Navigator to choose from, including: fixed-forward configuration; 360 panning; or, as a full pan/tilt system. Don't let darkness drive you off the water: cruise with Navigator.
The Mariner is a low cost thermal imager with pan/tilt enclosure for maritime navigation, search and rescue, and security. Superior to other night vision devices, Mariner provides the same thermal imaging technology that the military uses to see at night, for a fraction of the cost.
Voyager is a powerful, stabilized multi-sensor thermal imaging system. It couples two thermal imagers: a wide field-of-view imager for situational awareness, obstacle avoidance and navigation, and a narrow field-of-view imager that can detect hazards and other vessels at long ranges. Voyager's daylight/lowlight camera lets you identify approaching vessels and watch for on-shore security threats.