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With 100% 316 stainless steel housing and a sleek, flush mount design that hides the motor down below, the NEW V700 is on of the most attractive and durable windlasses on the market. It works at the push of a button and has two built-in features that make it unique - motor protection and anchor lock. Plus, it's affordable.

The NEW Pro-Fish's automatic freefall allows you to pull right up over a wreck or ledge, and drop anchor with speed and precision. No more running your motor or wasting fuel while you "hover fish". When you're ready to go, you can retrieve your anchor just as easily, with the push of a button. Plus, the Pro-Fish comes equipped with a reliable spur gear-box, is DIY ready and made of 100% 316 stainless steel. Strength, speed, efficiency and durability - a perfect catch, all around.

The NEW Pro-Series windlass from Lewmar is simply the professionals' choice. Lewmar windlasses are chosen by more boat builders than any other manufacturer. The Pro-Series extends Lewmar's commitment to provide quality products for boats from 6m-14 (20-45ft). The Pro-Series is deisgned for easy installation and the housing is made from 100% 316 Stainless Steel, making the product well protected and durable. For additional ease of use, the Pro-Series has a Manual Recovery system built in.

V Series
Lewmar introduces the world’s first compact stainless steel windlass for power and sailboats.

H Series Windlass
The first members of the latest generation ‘H series’ of horizontal windlasses from Lewmar, the H2 and H3 windlasses are designed for boats from 9m (30ft) to 16.7m (55ft)

Vertical vs Horizontal Winches

Vertical systems have several advantages: They take up less space on deck and are easier to maintain. They are less expensive than equivalent horizontal models. Chain alignment for smooth chain retrieval, while important, is not as critical as horizontal windlass alignment. With vertical systems more chain is in contact with the chainwheel thus avoiding the possibility of chain jump. Line-pull on the warping drum can be in any direction, as opposed to fore and aft only on horizontal models.

Horizontal models have the advantage of being better suited to applications where there is limited below deck space / accessibility, extreme deck thickness (over 200mm - 8"), or where two anchors must be handled from one winch.

Easy anchoring starts with a Lewmar windlass

Whether you own a small fishing boat, a 160ft cruiser or a mid-size sailboat, Lewmar has a windlass designed to fit your exact needs. Each one is crafted with durability, convenience and affordability in mind. Both our vertical and horizontal designs are sleek and attractive to complement your boat.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between a pro-series windlass and a pro-fish windlass?

They are the same except the pro-fish has the automatic free-fall as standard. This is an optional extra on the pro-series windlass.

What if my windlass does not have a solenoid, can I still use a wireless remote?

Yes. But you would have to purchase and fit a solenoid & rocker switch. Some of the small Lewmar / Simpson & Lawrence products are supplied without a solenoid. These units have the windlass power switched directly through a high current toggle switch. The high current toggle switch should be removed and replaced with a solenoid & rocker switch. The wireless remote can then be wired to the solenoid in parallel with the rocker switch.

Can I fit a chain counter to my windlass?

Yes. V1/2/3/4/5 & H2/3, come with magnet and sensor fitted as standard. In most cases older Lewmar windlasses are pre-drilled to take magnets and sensors. Lewmar have a range of chain counters for use with our windlasses,

Should I use a chain stopper when anchoring?

Yes. Lewmar recommends that when mooring, the rode is attached to a suitable strong point. If using a rope / chain rode then the rope should be tied off to a cleat or suitable strong point. If using a chain only rode then a chain stopper should be used. If the load is left on the windlass during mooring, shock loads could lead to damage of rode or the windlass. With rope rodes left under load in the gypsy the rope can get jammed into the gypsy causing damage to the stripper & rode when next operated. There is also a risk that the clutch nut could come loose causing the boat to slip its mooring.

Can a Gypsy Only Deck Unit be converted to Gypsy Capstan Unit?

Yes, it is possible to convert any of the H2/3, Concept / Ocean 1/2/3 and V2/3/4/5 range deck units to, or from a Gypsy Capstan. All you need to do is drop/remove the motor gear box. Take the circlip of the bottom of the shaft and replace it with the new shaft and then replace the circlip and motorgear box. You should not have to remove the deck unit.

What type of rope can be used on a combined rope/chain anchor rode?

Lewmar recommends a premium quality, windlass grade, medium lay, 3-strand nylon rope or a premium multi-plait nylon anchor rode. There are many different rode applications based upon windlass, anchor size, rode length and the anchor locker's depth and volume. For a list of recommended rode choices for your Lewmar windlass please see selection guide below.

Some of the Lewmar windlasses have fall-safe. How do I use it, why do I need it?

Fall safe is a safety feature we have added to our new products. It is used in two ways. When the anchor is stowed, Fall-safe should be engaged to stop accidental deployment of the anchor. For windlasses not fitted with Fall-safe, an anchor safety strap or similar should be used. Fall-safe pawl should also be engaged during manual recovery to act as a ratchet.

Can I use a wireless remote with my windlass?

Yes. Lewmar have recently added a 3 button windlass & 5 button windlass / thruster wireless remote to its range. These can be used on any windlass / thruster that is operated via a solenoid. The wireless remote is simply wired in parallel with the standard switch.

Can I fit a chain counter to my Pro-series?

Due to the size and construction of the Pro-Series, it is not prepared for the installation of a chain counter. This does not stop the enthusiastic owner having ago but Lewmar cannot help with the installation or provide recommendations.

Can I get the anchor up if I lose power?

Most Lewmar windlasses have a manual recovery option however the method varies across the product ranges. Some Lewmar windlasses have built in manual recovery and others require an emergency manual recovery kit. Please consult your windlass manual for clarification.

Can I drop the anchor without having to power it down?

Yes, all Lewmar windlasses have a manual free fall function as standard. To free fall the anchor, you simply manually undo the top nut half a turn. This releases the gypsy allowing it to free wheel. You can control the speed or stop the descent by re-tightening the top nut. Some of the larger windlasses with brake bands fitted work slightly differently. Please consult the manual for free fall operation.

Why do I need a drum on my windlass?

Lewmar's range of windlasses allows the drum to be operated separately from the gypsy (independent warping). Once the primary rode is secured, the clutch nut can be slackened off ˝ a turn. Now when the windlass is operated, only the drum will turn. This means that you can use the drum when docking or for a secondary rope only rode.

Can I use a combination rope chain rode on my boat?

Yes, All of Lewmar's High volume ranges of products take rope and chain in the gypsy. The gypsy's are design to take a range of chains and ropes without the need to remove the rope or chain from the gypsy during recovery. This means you can use a spliced rode effortlessly, reducing both weight and cost of the rode. Check the rope/chain chart in the windlass section of the catalogue or your windlass manual for the correct rope/chain and gypsy match.

Can I change the size of the chain on my boat?

Yes, Lewmar make a range of different size gypsies that will handle a wide range of good quality, calibrated chain. Check the rope/chain chart in the windlass section of the catalogue or your windlass manual for the correct rope/chain and gypsy match.

Obsolete Windlass Information

Simpson Lawrence to Lewmar

Horizon 400 (serial prefix 528)/Horizon 500 (serial prefix 529)

  • Horizon 400 introduced 1999
  • Discontinued around 2006

Closest direct replacement Pro-Sport

Horizon 600 (serial prefix 540)/Horizon 900 (serial prefix 550)

  • Metal gypsy. Gypsy & gypsy/drum
  • Discontinued around 2006

Closest direct replacements Pro-Series 700/1000

Horizon 600FF (serial prefix 541)/Horizon 900FF (serial prefix 551)

  • Metal gypsy. Gypsy & gypsy/drum
  • Discontinued around 2006

Closest direct replacements Pro-Series 700/1000

Horizon 1000 (serial prefix531/532) / Horizon 1500 (serial prefix 533/534

  • Metal gypsy. Gypsy & gypsy/drum
  • Discontinued around 2006

Closest direct replacement H2 (serial prefix 520)

Horizon Express (serial prefix 536)

  • Gypsy only.
  • Discontinued around 2003

Closest direct replacement H3 (serial prefix 530)

Sprint 400 (serial prefix 604)/Sprint 500 (serial prefix 605)

  • Sprint 400 introduced 1999, Sprint 500 from 1998
  • Plastic gypsy in Sprint 400; Sprint 500 can have either plastic or metal gypsy. Gypsy only

Closest direct replacement V700

Sprint 600 (serial prefix 606) -> V700

  • Metal gypsy. Gypsy only
  • Sprint 600 introduced 1999

Closest direct replacement V700

Sprint 900 (serial prefix 437 –GD/438- GO) aka Anchorman Sprint 900

  • Metal gypsy. Gypsy & gypsy/drum
  • 12v only, 1000 watt motor, Max pull 880 lbs

Closest direct replacement V1

Sprint 1000 (serial prefix 609 - GD/610 - GO)

  • Metal gypsy. Gypsy & gypsy/drum
  • Vertical motor. Spur gearbox

Closest direct replacement V1 - GYPSY ONLY

Sprint 1500 (serial prefix 615 -GD/616 - GO) -> V2

  • Gypsy & gypsy/drum
  • Vertical motor. Spur gear box

Closest direct replacement V2

3000 (serial prefix 630 -GD/631 - GO: Sprint 3000A 632)

  • Gypsy & gypsy/drum
  • Vertical motor. Spur gear box series wound motor

Closest direct replacement V4

Sprint Atlantic (serial prefix 457 - GD/458 - GO) -> V2

  • Gypsy & gypsy/drum
  • Horizontal motor. Worm-gear transmission.
  • Introduced 1997, Only marketed in US, was superceded by Sprint 1000

Closest direct replacement V2

Anchorman 700/1000 (billed in 2000 catalog as 800 & 1000) (serial prefix 700 = 445/446; 1000 = 439/440) Anchorman 800 (serial prefix 435/436)

  • Gypsy & gypsy/drum
  • Anchorman 800 introduced 1995 to US market

Closest direct replacement V1

Anchorman 1200 (serial prefix 447/448)

  • 4 wire motor

Closest direct replacement V2

Anchorman Power (serial prefix 450)

  • 3 wire motor

Concept 0

  • New hole for the V700 will take up all the existing holes for the installation.

Closest direct replacement V700

Concept 1

  • Deck unit can be replaced with CPX 2 deck unit; hole pattern and shaft hole are the same.
  • 3 wire motor

Closest direct replacement V2

Concept 2
  • 3 wire motor post 1999, 2 wire motor pre-1999
  • V4 only requires new wiring
  • V3 requires changing deck unit

Closest direct replacement V3/4

Concept 3

  • 4 wire motor
  • Closest direct replacement V700

Closest direct replacement V4

Discontinued Lewmar Windlass to Current Range
Series 3000
  • Gypsy & gypsy/drum

Closest direct replacement V3

Series 3500

  • Gypsy/drum

Closest direct replacement V3

Series 4000
  • Gypsy/drum

Closest direct replacement V4

Series 5000
  • Gypsy/drum

Closest direct replacement V6