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Frequently Asked Questions

R3 FAQ's

What is the Tri-Lobe handle?


"BluVis multi-function display" is seen as a key feature. What does this mean?

 If you think of your boat and motor as your car, then think of the BluVis display as your dashboard behind the wheel. The BluVis Multi-Function display shows your direction (forward or reverse), precise speed settings at one of ten levels, and battery voltage levels. When you're ready to move, the directional arrows will tell you which direction your motor is pointed in. When you're moving, the 10-level-display will show you how much more or less speed you have available. When you turn your motor off, for three seconds your 10-level-display will illuminate a single bar to show you how much battery power is left on your trolling motor before needing a charge.

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What is the Tri-Lobe handle?

What does the word "VariMAX" mean and what difference does it make?

Wireless FAQ's

There's "Lowrance" inside. Is this built-in? Do I need to purchase additional accessories?

Tour FAQ's

I see the term "MicroSwitch" on my Digital Tour Series motor. What is this?

There's "Lowrance" inside. Is this built-in? Do I need to purchase additional accessories?

Great White FAQ's

What is the Tri-Lobe handle?

Mounts, Parts and Accessories FAQ's

A lot of mounts are in a "taper-lock" style. What does this mean for me?

Is there any recommended regular maintenance for my trolling motor?

Every 100 hours of use or every year (which ever comes first) you should lubricate all of the trolling motor's pivot points with a nonaerosol, nonsolvent based lubricant.

This image shows all of the pivot points for a trolling motor mount.

Lubricate Trolling Motor

Remember, never use aerosol lubricant to grease or oil any part of the unit.  Many aerosol lubricants contain harmful propellants that cause damage to various parts of the trolling motor.

Also, check the tightness of bolts, nuts and other fasteners.


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I know MotorGuide offers several different propellers. Which is best for me?

How do I find a part for my trolling motor?

Other FAQ's

Are there any Saltwater motors with Lowrance Sonar built in?

Several motors are referred to as "digital". What does this mean?

What length of shaft do I need?

First, that depends on whether you want a transom mounted motor or a bow mounted motor. If you go with a transom mounted motor then you need to know the distance from the transom to the waterline when your boat is loaded. You want to take that distance and add at least 20 inches to it. If there isn't a shaft in that size then round up. Let's say the distance is from the transom to the waterline is 10 inches. You then add 20 inches to that and the length of shaft you want is 30 inches.

If you want a bow mounted motor then you take the length from the top of the bow (where the motor would be mounted) to the waterline when the boat is loaded. You then add 20 inches to that number and then round up to the next longest shaft if you have to. So, if the distance from the bow to the water is 15 inches then you will add 20 inches to that. You come up with 35 inches but find that there is no motor for the brand you want with a 35 inch shaft. Therefore, all you have to do is round up to the 36 inch shaft. Simple, right?

Bow to Waterline Shaft Length
0-10 inches 30 inches
11-16 inches 36 inches
17-22 inches 42 inches
23-30 inches 50 inches
31-34 inches 54 inches


Owners Manuals

 MotorGuide X3 Motor Manual  

MotorGuide X3 trolling motors - PDF / 2.2MB

 MotorGuide Xi5 Motor Manual  

MotorGuide Xi5 trolling motors - PDF / 5.8MB

 MotorGuide VariMAX Motor Manual  

MotorGuide Pinpoint trolling motors - PDF / 1.3MB

 MotorGuide VariMAX Motor Manual  

MotorGuide VariMAX trolling motors - PDF / 3.3MB

 motorguide tour instructions manual 

MotorGuide Tour trolling motors - PDF / 83.5KB

 MotorGuide R3 Motor Manual 

MotorGuide R3 trolling motors  - PDF / 1.9MB

 Wireless Motor Manual 

MotorGuide Wireless trolling motors  - PDF / 97.4 KB


 Wireless Motor Manual 

MotorGuide Freshwater / Saltwater trolling motors  - PDF / 97.4 KB