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Simrad autopilot systems give you reliable and accurate control over your heading, without years of experience at the helm – saving you time and fuel by making efficient turns, and keeping you closer to your planned course.

Predetermined turn patterns and features such as automatic depth-contour following assist with fishing or diving: taking the helm so you have more time to spend on the offshore activities you love.

When combined with a chartplotter, Simrad autopilots not only manage your current heading, but provide full course-control.


Dedicated Autopilot Controllers

Suitable for vessels with limited mounting space, or as an alternative to a second touchscreen MFD in dual-helm installations, these controllers provide heading control and access to autopilot features such as NoDrift steering and preset turn patterns.

Chartplotter / Multifunction Display (MFD) integration

With a Simrad autopilot, the choice of display and controller is up to you. As well as dedicated autopilot controllers, our autopilots can be controlled completely from the touchscreen or keypad of our NSS and NSO-series chartplotter / Multi-Function Displays (MFD).

Our Muli-Function Display integration makes dual-helm setups easy – manage your autopilot from the helm via your main chartplotter or a dedicated autopilot controller, and from the flying bridge by a secondary chartplotter or simple autopilot remote.

Autopilot Computers

Whether you command your autopilot via multifunction display, dedicated autopilot controller or remote control, there’s an autopilot computer sitting below deck that takes your input, looks at your current heading and works out how to move the rudder or outboard.

Typically, boats under 40ft (13m) will need a Simrad AC12, and boats over 40ft will need the Simrad AC42, which is suited to driving heavier hydraulic steering systems.

Drive Units

In an autopilot system, the drive unit is what actually moves your rudder or outboard, under control of the autopilot computer. Like the computer, the drive unit you’ll need depends on the size of your boat and the sort of steering system it has.

On smaller runabouts with a cable-steering system, an electronic helmdrive unit replaces the existing mechanical gearbox and connects to the existing steering cables
On sterndrive (inboard/outboard) boats, a mechanical servo drive replaces the steering cable from the helm
Outboard or in board vessels with power assisted hydraulic steering need a hydraulic reversing pump – we have pumps to suit vessels up to 35ft (10m), 50ft (15m) and 70ft (21m)
For sailing boats, a linear hydraulic drive is required to operate the steering quadrant – we have drive units available for smaller single-rudder vessels, and larger vessels in single or dual-rudder configuration

If you have an existing electronic steering system you may not need a separate drive unit.

Heading Sensors

To set and hold a course, your autopilot needs to know your current heading. This is supplied by a position sensor – an electronic compass – below deck.

The Simrad FC40 Fluxgate Compass is compatible with our full range of recreational autopilot solutions. For the best autopilot performance, we recommend the Simrad RC42 Rate Compass which includes a solid-state rate sensor, which directly measures rate of turn. This provides greater precision than a compass alone.


Our autopilot remotes can be combined with a multifunction display at the helm to add traditional hands-on steering control, or mounted elsewhere aboard your vessel to provide autopilot heading control from a flybridge or other convenient location.

Autopilot Selection Guide

How to Select your Autopilot System

Pick the drive that complements your boat from the selection guide below. There will be a system pack available with everything needed to fit and commission your pilot.

System Pack Options:

Includes a rate gyrocompass for the ultimate in steering performance

Standard pack:
Contains a standard fluxgate compass

Virtual Rudder Feedback pack:
Select this for outboard systems where the rudder position sensor cannot be fitted.

Drives for Power Boat Steering Systems

AP24/28 Systems Mechanical Drives for Wheel Steered Yachts

For all size boats with I/O Stern Drives.
Typically fitted up to 39 ft.

AP44/48 EVC
For all size boats with Volvo EVC.

AP44/48 Systems Pumps for Boats with Hydraulic Steering

RPU 80
Hydraulic Steering Rams 80-250 cc
capacity. Typically fitted up to 35 ft.

RPU 160
Hydraulic Steering Rams 160-550 cc
capacity. Typically fitted up to 50 ft.

RPU 300
Hydraulic Steering Rams 290-960 cc
capacity. Typically fitted up to 70 ft.


Cable operated stern drive systems with a choice of fitting kits to suit most engines.


Hydraulic pumps for use with all hydraulic steering systems. For outboard engine installations VRF™ system packs are recommended. Specific fitting kits are available for Verado Engines. The pump
selection is based on the size of the Verado Rams.

Autopilot Selection Guide Yachts

TP 10/22/32 Tiller Steered Yachts

Tiller steering up to 29 ft.

Tiller steering up to 33 ft.

Tiller steering up to 35 ft.

AP 44/48 systems Mechanical Drives for Wheel Steered Yachts

Wheel steering up to 36 ft.

Wheel steering up to 45 ft.

AP 44/48 systems Hydraulic Drives for Wheel Steered Yachts

Wheel steering up to 39 ft.

Wheel steering up to 50 ft.

Wheel steering up to 65 ft.

SD10 Systems

A flexible inboard pilot that is a true alternative to lightweight cockpit mounted pilots.


High efficiency and low back drive are key characteristics of this Direct Drive actuator.

Hydraulic Linear Drives

Hydraulic drives, renowned for their rugged power and reliability, mount directly on the steering quadrant.

Getting Started

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Installation Guide

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Installation Manual

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Mounting Template

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Operator Manual

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AP48 Operator Manual (en-us)
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Quick Start Guide

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