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NEW! SP-110 Autopilot System


Easy-to-Use Pilot Offers Advanced Steering Features, Compact Size and Family Appearance with Other SI-TEX Products.

SI-TEX has added a new member to its growing family of high-performance autopilots. The new-for-2011 SI-TEX SP-110 is an ideal solution for owners of small to medium sized powerboats, combining advanced steering features, simple push-button operation and rugged reliability. The SP-110’s Virtual Rudder Feedback capabilities — which eliminate the need for a separate rudder feedback unit — further enhance this new pilot’s simplicity, affordability and performance.

With a compact, splash-proof control head measuring just 4.3” square, the SP-110 can be mounted on just about any helm, console or dash. In addition, the SP-110 is specially designed to provide a family appearance with SI-TEX’s new SST-110 Digital Water Temperature Gauge and SDD-110 Digital Depth Gauge, making for an attractive and functional helm electronics package.

The SP-110 will pilot hydraulically steered boats using either a reversing pump or continuous drive unit. It can also be used on mechanically steered inboard, outboard and sterndrive vessels when paired with SI-TEX’s new Remote Mechanical Drive system. Features include a transflective LCD display showing course and function data, simple operation with just four push buttons, better than 1 degree course detection and GPS mode (when interfaced to GPS/chartplotter via NMEA0183 input/output) for easy, automatic waypoint steering.

SI-TEX’s affordable SP-110 system ( starting MSRP $1,449. excluding drive) comes complete with the control unit, standard rate compass, and all necessary hardware for flush or bracket installation.

The SP-110 also comes with a two-year limited warranty, the boater’s assurance of reliable performance in the harsh marine environment.

SP-36 Autopilot System

SI-TEX has expanded its leading autopilot line-up with the addition of the new-for-2010 SP36 Autopilot. The company’s most advanced pilot yet, the new SP36 has been designed to provide a wide range of powerboats and Commercial vessels with sophisticated steering functions and reliable performance under the harshest conditions at sea.

Virtual Feedback for Enhanced Auto Steering.

  • IST – Auto learning Steering Technology
  • New One Piece 3 Axis Rate Compass
  • Advanced No Drift Mode & Advanced Leeway Control
  • GPS Nav Mode provides precise adaptive track steering
  • Rotary steering & course control knob
  • Auto Setup: Auto Drive Detection, Auto Tune, Auto Compass Cal.
  • Auto Sea State & Auto Trim for enhanced steering in all conditions
  • Crystal Clear High Resolution Sunlight Viewable Color Control Head
  • Standard with 20 Amp Processor for Reversing Pumps or DC Solenoids
  • Proportional Rate Steering Control
  • Multiple NMEA-0183 I/O ports
  • Multiple turn patterns
  • Adjustable rate of turn control
  • Full Follow up levers available w/ optional rudder feedback
  • Commercial Grade Waterproof Control Head - IP67 Standard
  • Multi-Station Capability
  • Predefined parameter sets for Outboards, Inboard, Displacement, etc.

SP-70 Handheld Autopilot System

The SI-TEX SP-70 Autopilot will add relaxation to your cruising and fishing activity. Designed for most any boat and easily installed on Outboard, Inboard and Sterndrive vessels with Hydraulic or Mechanical steering systems.

Low cost autopilot designed for easy installation.

  • Ultra-compact, waterproof Control Unit has simple keypad operation and large LCD display of heading course, rudder angle, operating mode and error messages.
  • Control Unit can be used as dash-mounted keypad or quickly and easily removed from mounting bracket for use as a handheld portable.
  • Additional steering stations can be easily added with optional plug-in connectors.
  • Exceptionally easy to use. Just steer to desired course, press the PILOT key and the system takes over to steer you on your way. Automatically.
  • Built-in NMEA-0183 Loran/GPS interface for precise course-line navigation along routes.
  • Bold, backlit displays with ten levels of brightness for clear reading in any light.
  • Digital displays of rudder angle and operation mode in use, constantly giving you up-to-the-minute operating status.
  • Automatic Sea State and Trim Controls and ten selectable levels of rudder sensitivity with high and low speed settings for smooth, precise steering.
  • Rudder feedback verifies autopilot's commands.
  • Ghost Rudder backup allows autopilot to use memory of rudder movements to calculate new movements in event of rudder feedback failure.
  • Heading Output feature allows you to stabilize radar display.
  • Built-in diagnostic and self tests, plus visual and audible alarms.
  • Power Steering mode offers convenient push-button steering. Stand By mode for manual steering situations.
  • Optional analog Rudder Angle Indicator for easy, at-a-glance reading of exact rudder position.
  • Works with solenoid valves also.

Product Manuals

In an effort to assist our customers, we provide access to Owner's Manuals for current as well as older SI-TEX products.


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SP 110 Compass Manual

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