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Marine Radar

NEW Quantum Radar | Radomes | Open Array Radar Antennas

Day and night systems from Raymarine keep you aware of surrounding traffic, hazards, rain sea birds and much more. From compact and lightwight digital radomes, to ultra-high performance Super HD Color open arrays, Raymarine has the perfect radar solution for every boat.

Radar Products

Technology and software - what's the difference? Raymarine has 4 different types of radar antenna:

NEW Quantum
CHIRP Pulse Compression

8 Colour resolution

HD Colour
256 Colour resolution

SHD Colour
256 Colour resolution

Radome or Open Array? Which is right for my boat?

NEW Quantum Wireless CHIRP Pulse Compression | Raymarine


Setting a new standard for solid state marine radar, Quantum delivers superior radar imaging on both long and extremely short ranges. Integrated Wi-Fi make installation easy and Quantum’s energy efficient and lightweight design provides safe radiated emissions and reduced power consumption.

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Digital and HD Digital Radome Antennas | Raymarine

Raymarine Digital and HD Colour Radome Radar

Radome antennas are the perfect blend of compact size, light weight and high performance. Choose a radome antenna when space is a premium or restricted by rigging. Radome scanners also consume less power than open array scanners which is essential for long-distance cruising sailboats.

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HD Colour and Super HD Open Array Radar | Raymarine

Raymarine HD Colour and Super HD Open Array Scanners

The choice of mid to large-sized powerboats and sailing vessels, open array radar scanners deliver higher sensitivity, better target detection and improved target separation. Open array systems are available with 4kW or 12kW transmitters for exceptional performance at all ranges.

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Radome or Open Array Radar Antenna?

When building a Raymarine Radar System you have your choice of either Open Array or Closed Radome scanner. Both Radomes and Open Arrays are fully compatible with every multifunction display and deliver unparalleled performance.

Radome Antennas | Raymarine Open Array Scanner | Raymarine
Radar Type Raymarine Digital and HD Color Radomes Raymarine HD Color & Super HD Color
Open Array Radar
Compatible with gS-Series Glass Bridge
eS Series Multifuction Displays
e-Series Multifunction Displays
c-Series Multifunction Displays
a-Series Multifunction Displays
Models 4kW
18in or 24in (45cm or 61 cm)
4kW and 12kW
4ft or 6ft (1.2m or 1.8m) models
Perfect for Sailboats | RIBs | Smaller Powerboats Powerboats over 50ft (15.4m)
Appearance Light weight and compact Narrow horizontal beam widths for enhanced target separation
Power Minimal power consumption Increased power output for improved long range performance
Additional Information Fewer Mounting Restrictions Longer Range Scales
Quiet Operation
  • Lower receiver noise figure (less than 5 dB) for more efficient target echo reception compared to competitive models
  • Auto GST™ Fully automatic Gain, Sea Clutter and Tune Control for hands off operation and optimum performance
  • Advanced microprocessor controlled transmitter receiver features eight Pulse width/PRF settings, providing enhanced targets returns though every range scale

Digital, HD Color, Super HD Color Radar

Raymarine radar - What's the difference?

Marine Radar Scanners | Raymarine

Digital Radar Image | Raymarine

Digital radar

Offers 4kW capability for improved performance and uses digital processing for increased target definition. Digital reduces the cable size (compared to analogue) and makes an easier interface to larger systems.

Available models: Digital Radome

HD Color radar

Raymarine's HD color radar utlizes powerful signal processing technologies that help distinguish between target types, detects weak and distant contacts automatically, while virtually eliminating clutter and noise. The truly adaptive transmitter and receiver automatically adjusts to changing environmental and sea conditions. HD color radar delivers a dramatically clearer radar picture with crisp, well-defined contact echoes and a life-like target presentation.

Available models: HD color Radome and HD color Open Array

HD Digital Radar Image | Raymarine

Super HD Radar Screen | Raymarine

Super HD color radar

Super HD color radar is a giant leap in leisure marine radar. Using highly advanced digital signal processing, Super HD color radar has much greater dynamic range than conventional radar enabling the digital receiver to acquire and process vast amounts of echo information that is normally lost by conventional analogue radar systems. Super HD Color technology intelligently isolates and identifies true radar targets, while simultaneously eliminating unwanted clutter. The extra-narrow beam width pinpoints targets with stunning clarity. The result is a dramatically clearer radar display.

Available models: Super HD color Open Array

Digital vs HD color

Features Digital vs HD Digital Radar

HD color targets are clearly defined compared to the standard Digital image.

HD color vs Super HD color

Features HD Digital vs Super HD Digital Radar

Super HD color reveals even more detail than HD color. The Super HD color image shows that there are actually two targets in the ringed area, whereas the same targets on the HD image appear as one.