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Trim tabs make the single most important difference in the way your boat rides and performs. They are optional on some boats but should be as standard as power trim and tilt. Lenco trim tabs make your boat ride smoother, drier, faster and with increased safety whether on a small skiff or a mega-yacht. Lenco’s ballscrew design is more reliable, three times more powerful and features an instant response, which makes them very user friendly compared to typical hydraulics. We also like being oil-free and environmentally conscious. DOWNLOAD THE LENCO TRIM TAB OWNER'S MANUAL

Lenco Marine FAQs


1. What tabs should I put on my boat?

There is a size chart on our website under (Products/Trim Tabs). However, this is only a basic guide. The length, weight and performance of your boat are also factors in determining what tabs are suitable. Please contact our Customer Service Department at 772-288-2662.

2. Do I have to connect the orange wire on the control box? / Where do I connect the orange wire?

For our indicator switch kit (15070-001 & 15071-001), the orange wire MUST be connected for the system to work. The orange wire must be connected to a 12V/24V power on / off source. When power is removed from the orange wire the tabs retract to the start position and the switch shuts off. This is an optional function for our 124SSR / non-lighted keypad system (15069-001) and does not need to be connected for the 124SSR system to function. Please note: if you do not connect the orange wire, the retract function is disengaged on the 124SSR.

3. How do I upgrade current Lenco double-rocker or Lenco tactile switch to the LED Indicator switch?

The keypad and control box will need to be changed out. The current part number is 15070-001. Installation of an upgraded switch is simple; the new control box and old control box or wiring harness should have the same color-coded wires and should be wired the same with the exception of the orange wire, which should be connected as stated above. The keypad should fit in the same mount as your older keypad. If you have any questions, please contact customer service.

4. My system isn't functioning properly, how do I determine what is wrong?

We have trouble-shooting guides on our website. Here is the link to that page.

5. What is Electrolysis? How do I protect my tabs? / Is it covered under warranty?

Lenco trim tabs are constructed of Grade 304 stainless steel. It is corrosive resistant, not corrosive proof. There are a variety of things that can affect the corrosive resistant properties of stainless steel. Airborne dust from grinding or machining something in the near vicinity to trim tab. most common is the gulling of a screw head during installation. When electrical current is allowed to flow through the trim tabs, the source of the current flow can be caused by the boat the tabs are on or in most cases can be caused by external factors that have little to do with trim tabs. Many marinas have been found to have current flowing through the sea water in the area immediately around the marina. This can occur from improperly configured or defective shore power connections. This can also occur from a defective impressed current system on an adjacent boat. Anytime electrical currents are allowed to flow through the trim tabs the corrosion resistance properties of the stainless steel will be reduced. Lenco Marine recommends that trim tabs be isolated (not bonded) and that each tab is protected with a sacrificial anode. The sacrificial anodes degrade over time and should be changed at intervals of no greater than a year or when ever significant reduction of the sacrificial anode is observed. Our sacrificial anodes are designed for saltwater and freshwater applications.

Cleaning your tab with an acid wash solution, painting with a quality anti-fouling paint and installing zinc anodes to your tabs will help prolong the life of your tabs. NOTE: Do not paint the sacrificial anodes or the area that the sacrificial anode attaches to. Please see page 19 of our Owners Manual for trim tab maintenance tips on protecting your tabs.

6. How long is the warranty and how do I submit a claim?

Lenco's warranty is:
  • Trim Tab Systems: 3 years from the original date of purchase.
  • Auto Glide Boat Leveling System: 2 years from the original date of purchase.
  • Retro Fit Kits: 3 years from the original date of purchase.
  • Electric Hatch-Lift: 2 years from the original date of purchase.
  • Electrical Switches: 3 years from the original date of purchase.
  • Electric Drive Units: 3 years from the original date of purchase.
  • Electric Propulsion Controllers: 1 year from original date of purchase.

Warranty is non-transferable and applies to original owner. Bill of Sale or Proof of Purchase is required. You may also contact Customer Service at 772-288-2662 or e-mail [email protected] This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further assistance.

7. What is the Auto Glide Boat Leveling System?

A Real Automatic Trim Tab Control System that actually works – completely & automatically!
The Auto Glide system controls your trim tabs from the time you leave your dock until you come home again!
The Auto Glide uses engine data and GPS data (depending on your installation method) to drive your boat to the most efficient running angle by adjusting your Lenco trim tabs as needed. This optimum running angle is determined during the set-up process after the installation of your Auto Glide system.

Imagine that your boat’s running angle is measured 25 times per second and this data is used by the new Auto Glide control box to:

  • Automatically put your boat in the most efficient running angle.
  • Reduce the amount of bow rise of your boat during hole shot mode.
  • Eliminate bow porpoising (bow bounce).
  • Keep your boat level at all times.

These actions will result in a smoother ride and the best possible fuel efficiency.

Note: The Auto Glide does not control the “trim” function of your engine(s) / motor(s). Please remember to use the trim feature exactly as you would in the normal operation of your boat.
The Auto Glide Control Box (brain) consists of gyroscopes, accelerometers, and new, very sophisticated, and patented software.
The Auto Glide has 3 automatic operational modes, 4 automatic settings, and 2 manual operational modes. Although you will most likely keep your Auto Glide in automatic mode, you may immediately convert to manual mode simply by pressing one of the 4 up/down buttons on the key pad. All of these functions are fully explained in our Owner’s Manual B / Operational Instructions.


8. Does the Auto Glide have its own website?

Yes. Go to for more information on the Auto Glide.

9. I have an older Lenco system that I am replacing / upgrading my switch. Do I void my warranty if I cut off the deutsch plugs?

We do understand that there are many pre-deutsch systems still on the water; please contact customer service prior to modifying any products from their manufactured state.

10. Can trim tab parts be purchased separately?

All kit components can be purchased separately. Please go to our Products Overview page on our website for specific part numbers and retail pricing. Also see our Where To Buy link for a list of Distributors. If you are unsure which part you need for your system, please contact customer service for assistance.

11. I do not see any trolling systems or accessories on your website. Are they discontinued?

Yes. Lenco's manufacturing of trolling tab systems have been discontinued. However we do still offer support for previously sold systems. Please contact customer service for assistance.

12. Do you have instructions for your hatch lifts?

Because there are several variations and applications involved with hatch lift mounts, we do not recommend one version. There is a simple formula listed under 'hatch lift installation' on our website. Measurements include mounting brackets. We also offer general guidelines via sales reps at Lenco Marine (772-288-2662).

13. How do I determine what hatch lift I have on my boat?

Our Hatchlifts are measured bracket to bracket. To determine which model you have measure the hatch lift fully retracted, then compare your measurements to the size chart measurements listed on our website under Hatch lifts 'Size Chart'. Our hatch lifts can be retracted / extended manually by turning the metal shaft with your hand. If you are unsure or need further assistance, please contact customer service.

14. Can I connect 2 Hatchlifts to one switch?

Yes. We have a single-rocker switch made specifically for the combination of 2 hatch lifts; the current part number is 15098-001. Please see our Lenco Switch Kits page for part numbers and information. Also see our Where To Buy link for a list of Distributors.

15. What is the capacity of Lenco hatch lifts?

They deliver over 500 pounds of push for heavy engine covers, decks, large hatches and electric consoles. The actuator is most powerful when it is installed vertically at 90 degrees. Lifting capabilities decrease the closer the upper or lower mount is located to the hinge. The further from a vertical position the less lifting capability. When retracted, Do Not position hatch lift at an angle less than 45 degrees. Dual hatch lift systems are recommended for hatches over 500 pounds (226.79 kg) of force.

16. Where can I buy your product? Can I buy direct?

Lenco Marine does not sell direct. For our retail customers, please see the 'Where To Buy' link on our website or contact your local marine retailer, dealer or service center. Dealer / Wholesale customers, please see the 'Distributor' list on our website.

17. How do I know which actuator I have on my boat?

Please see the Actuators page on our website to help determine what model actuator you currently have. If you are still unsure, please contact our Customer Service department for assistance.

18. How can I view the site in different languages?

We have added a Google translation drop-down for your convenience. Just click on the "Select Language" text and a drop-down menu will appear with multiple languages to choose from.

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