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What makes Minn Kota® better than other tolling motors? Simple. Everything, from the smallest part to tight-tolerance production to innovative engineering and design, we’ve left no stone unturned in our quest to produce the best-built trolling motors on the water. The result is an advantage you can take to the launch day after day, year after year.

Minn Kota® variable speed motors utilize our exclusive Maximizer™ technology to deliver the precise amount of power needed at any speed, along with infinitely variable speed settings. You get the ability to “dial up” the precise speed setting you desire and your motor runs cooler with no wasted power. By regulating the amount of power that is delivered to your motor, you get up to five times longer run time on a single charge.

3X™ Steering Select models feature our exclusive 3X™ Steering. Move the Tilt Steering Control just 60 degrees to change the lower unit a full 180. Slight handle adjustments give you ultra-responsive boat control for better bait presentation. Eliminates tiller interference with your outboard or kicker motor.

Get our revolutionary CoPilot™ remote control accessory and open up a whole new way to go after fish. Whether you’re casting to smallmouths hanging in the shallows or chasing a school of walleye, CoPilot expands your opportunity to put more action on the end of your line.

At MotorGuide, we've taken all the victories, failures, blood, sweat, tears, hours, days and years to heart and built what are possibly the best performing, most reliable trolling motors ever.
It's a result of re-engineering. From top to bottom. From our new digital modules, to new switches and props. Why? The reason is simple. To give you the advantages -- and, in this case, it's digital.
Because at MotorGuide, we believe there are some things you should Never Stop doing.

Digital Guardian is a completely sealed module that is protected from heat, moisture, corrosion and shock.

•Digital variable speed efficiency results in sustained battery life and more time on the water.

•Quiet, smooth variable speed operation lets you get closer to the fish.

•Digital Guardian is fully proteced within a compact, lightweight lower unit.

•Digital runs cooler, quieter and longer than analog designs.

•Serviceability is greatly improved through its modular design.

•Extended motor life from cooler, more efficient digital operation.

•MotorGuide Tour, Great White and Freshwater Digital Motors are backed by a 3-year limited warranty and service support from Mercury Marine.

•Clean, crisp digital communication optimizes sonar performance.

•Digital Guardian is a MotorGuide exclusive.