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Life Raft EPIRB ( Emergency Radio Beacons )

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Search & Spot Lights Personal Locator Beacon

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Life Vest Personal Safety Light
Man Overboard Dry Suits
Flotation Coats & Pants Work Suits
Immersion Suits Search & Rescue Transponders ( SART )
Survival Kit Thermo Coats
Electric Horns Emergency Signaling
Fume Detector Boat Wiper
Watermaker Marine First Aid Kit
Hydro Release Kits Life Ring Buoys
Marine Horseshoe Bouys Ship's Bell
We provide the major selection for the marine safety devices including EPIRB, watermaker from Katadyn, Marine search Light and spot light.
Our new introduction of Night Vision system including Night vision goggle, night vision scope, nightvision binoculars.
New products from Mustang including life jacket, life vest, Dry suit, Immersion suits, Floating vest, and more
New huge selection of Life raft from Revere (USCG life raft), Viking, Survitec