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A powerful new multifunction navigation system from Raymarine. With built-in RealVision 3D™ sonar, the all new LightHouse 3 operating system, and blazing fast quad core performance, Axiom will transform your time on the water.

Choice of 3 Displays:

Axiom 7
7" Display available with:

  • Built-in DownVision & 600W Sonar
  • Built-in RealVision 3D & 600W Sonar

Axiom 9
9" Display available with:

  • Built-in RealVision 3D & 600W Sonar

Axiom 12
12.1" Display available with:

  • Built-in RealVision 3D & 600W Sonar

Blazing fast performance and power
at your finger tips

Axiom is expandable, so its capabilities can grow, as needed. It supports the full range of Raymarine accessories, including Quantum radar, CHIRP Sonar, FLIR thermal cameras, audio integration, instruments, cameras, and Evolution autopilot. Standard Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity allows connection to the latest Raymarine apps for tablets and smartphones.

Axiom includes surface and trunnion mounting kits, mounting hardware, power/data cable, and installation instructions.

Simply Superior Sonar

Gyro-Stabilized Sonar Technology

Gyro stabilization compensates for boat movement, delivering life-like 3D sonar imagery.

All-in-One Tranducers

RealVision 3D Transducers combine CHIRP DownVision, CHIRP SideVision, High Frequency CHIRP, and RealVision 3D into a single transducer housing.

Easy Fish Identification | Raymarine by FLIR

Easy Fish Identification

Easily identify structure and locate fish with the life-like clarity of RealVision™ 3D sonar.

Wide Spectrum CHIRP Sonar | Raymarine by FLIR

Wide Spectrum CHIRP Sonar

Transmits on 60 different frequencies for the most life-like sonar imagery and simply the best fish targeting – hands down!

Powerful 4 Channel Sonar | Raymarine by FLIR

Powerful 4 Channel Sonar

Supports RealVision 3D, CHIRP DownVision, SideVision, High Frequency CHIRP, and 600 Watt (50/200 kHz) sonar.

Raymarine Fishfinders

Sonar modules at a glance


The Wi-Fish™ puts CHIRP DownVision™ sonar right in the palm of your hand,



The CP100's CHIRP DownVision™ delivers a photo like view of the world beneath your boat.



The CP200 CHIRP SideVision™ Sonar expands your underwater horizon with crystal-clear imagery.



Digital sonar module for coastal and offshore blue water fishing



High performance CHIRP for coastal and offshore blue water fishing



Professional CHIRP sonar module for tournament and offshore blue water fishing


Chartplotters with built in sonar:


Groundbreaking sonar / GPS equipped with Raymarine’s wide spectrum CHIRP sonar technology



Network multifunction displays with Digital sonar (a67 & a77) and CHIRP DownVision™ (a68 & a78)



Anglers can opt for the c97 or c127 models with built-in sonar or network with one of our sonar modules



Choose built-in Digital sonar with e7D, e97 and e127 each equipped with a 600 Watt digital sonar.


Fishfinder Systems

A complete fishfinder / sonar system consists of:

Multifunction Display

Some multifunction displays require a separate DSM and GPS Antenna while others have these built into the display. Choose from a range of high-performance MFD's by Raymarine.


Fishfinder Sonar Module

A powerful sonar system can be achieved by networking a sonar module to a Multifunction Display via SeaTalkhs. Greater detail can be revealed by using a sonar module with CHIRP technology.


GPS Antenna / Sensor

For additional features such as to drop a waypoint you will require a GPS. Your MFD may already have a GPS, but if not you can easily add a Raymarine RayStar130 to your network.



Finally, you will need a transducer. The type of transducer required depends on the multifunction display you're using, your vessel (type of hull) and the performance you require.