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Davis Weather Instrument - Get easy access to your personal weather data wherever you go with this all-in-one bundle of weather sensors reporting to the cloud! In a few simple steps, you can install an industry-leading weather sensor suite and, within minutes, view the data on your smartphone or personal computer. Professional wireless or cabled weather stations for official weather reporting, in-home or educational use, and more - we've got you covered. A Davis station is the best value for your money. Select from a variety of stations to meet your needs. Access your weather data from remote weather stations. Choose telephone modem adapters or wireless repeaters that allow you to get your weather data from long distances.

The Airmar WX WeatherStation® instruments are unique, as they are the only weather monitoring system to offer true and apparent wind speed and direction in one compact housing—without the need for additional sensors. Ideal for stationary applications, the 110WX model offers apparent wind speed and direction, air temperature, and barometric pressure readings. The WX Series WeatherStation® instruments meet a growing need for real-time, site-specific weather information. For moving applications where true and apparent wind are different, the 150WX is recommended and includes additional sensors such as a 10Hz GPS, solid-state compass, tilt sensors and a field replaceable relative humidity sensor.

Raymarine offers 3 convenient SiriusXM Weather Receivers including the new SR150, the SR6 with a built-in 6-port network switch, or the SR50 with convenient SeaTalkng networking.