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Sail Area

Efficient sail handling begins with the selection of the correct winch. To help you select from the winches described on this site the chart below is designed as a quick reference to match application, yacht size and winch. Cross reference your yacht size (for masthead rigs) or sail area (fractional rigs) with application, to ascertain the correct winch. You can also send your deck and sail plans to your Lewmar representative, who will be pleased to make individual recommendations. REMEMBER, runner winch and mainsheet winch selection depends on the purchase system fitted and expected loads. Dynamic sail loads can easily increase the loads dramatically. Multihulls generally have a higher righting moment than monohulls of equivalent lengths, resulting in higher dynamic loading, therefore winch size needs to be larger. Consult your Lewmar representative or rigger for further guidance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I service a winch?

Servicing our winches is very easy and very little is needed to do it. The attached manual will take you through step by step to make sure your winches are running smoothly and ready for the season.

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winch service manual b2304 iss6.pdf
ELS box wiring upgrade

Our older ELS boxes have now been changed and to replace one will take a little change of wiring. The below document will show you how this can be quickly achieved and all the required parts needed.

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ELS wiring upgrade.pdf
Deck Switch Identification

The pdf below will help identify what switches you currently are using.

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Deck Switch Identifcation.pdf
Can a manual winch be converted to a powered winch?

Yes, Lewmar winches size 40 to 65 can be updated to Electrics. Please click here to see details.

Deck Switches

If you have any questions or issues regarding deck switches please read the DECK SWITCH SERVICE UPDATE below.

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11-06-27 Deck Switch Service Update.pdf
Can i upgrade my standard winch to a self tailing.

Sorry to say it would not be cost effective to you to try and convert a std winch into a selftailing winch , as you would have to change approx. 90% of the parts that include drum, centre stem, main spindle, some gear stacks etc + all crowns.

What winch handle is better, a plain or locking handle?

This depends upon how you use it. For racing or cruising locking handles are more secure and less likely to be knocked out of the winch and lost overboard. Plain handles are easy to insert and release and some racing crews prefer them as they are quicker to insert/remove.

Do all winches have the same size handle sockets?

Yes, after 1972 all winches and handles have the international standard sockets.

How do Lewmar winches grip different line diameters?

Lewmar's self-tailing jaws incorporate our 'Wavespring' solution. This is where the jaws are held together by spring tension which self-adjusts to grip the size of the rope used.

How many speeds does the electric winch have?

One speed electric drives provides adequate power and speed for winches up to Size 64. Size 66 and above have two speed electric drives. Line speed varies according to load i.e. heavy load = slow line speed.

What makes the Lewmar Ocean winch easier to service than any of the competition?

A screw off top cap means that no tools are required to strip the winch. All Lewmar Ocean manual winches can be serviced above deck without having to unbolt the winch.

What carries the full load on a Lewmar winch?

The pawls.

How is the size/number system worked out?

The winch size refers to the power ratio i.e. a Size 40 winch has a 40.2 : 1 power ratio. This means if you put 25kg/55lb of effort on the handle, the pull generated will be approximately 1005kg/2211lbs.

What is the benefit of choosing a self-tailing winch?

Self-tailing winches enable one crew member to easily trim or raise sails. Self-tailing also removes the need to hold the sheet whilst winding the handle.

What gives the Lewmar winches that distinctive 'clicking' sound?

This sound is made by the spring loaded pawls engaging the drive tracks.

For Lewmar customers, there’s no such thing as “just a winch.” That’s because inside every Lewmar Winch, you’ll find materials developed for the aerospace industry, precision CNC machined for maximum efficiency, durability and strength-to-weight ratio. And because of our aggressive in-house testing program, Lewmar Winches have proven themselves time and again in the roughest conditions and on the toughest racing courses. Choose from a variety of finishes – from lightweight carbon for the elite racer to shining chrome for cruising yachts.

Standard Winches
Lewmar has created a winch range that incorporates many exciting disciplines. All brought together with a blend of traditional skills and high technology, which are reflected in the outstanding quality of Lewmar’s standard winches. Besides the technical innovation and high performance criteria involved, there’s also the aesthetic appearance and finish to consider. The range shown here achieves just that with sizes ranging from 6 to 44, one- or two-speed gearing and three superb finishes including classical bronze. All of which is supported by a comprehensive range of winch spares.

Self-Tailing Winches
The Lewmar ‘Wavespring’ self-tailer combines our renowned and gentle wave grip feature with self adjusting springs. It handles today’s smaller diameters, as well as the traditional larger Dacron composite ropes. A sleek, minimum-friction feeder arm provides absolute snag-free operation.

Electric Winches
A Self-Tailing Ocean Winch that works at the push of a button. That’s exactly what you’ll find with Lewmar’s Electric Winch range. Available in sizes 40-111, our electric winches give you complete hands-free sail control on boats from 30-80 feet (9-24m) long.

Winches are available with two levels of control boxes. The Simple E Series contactor or the ELS (Electric Load Sensing) control box which includes overload protection.

Electric Convertibility
Lewmar Ocean Winches also provide a lower cost alternative to replacing a manual winch for an electric version.

Hydraulic Winches
Lewmar’s hydraulic powered winches combine the benefits of electric winches with systems integration. This allows the installation of a cost-effective multi-function hydraulic systems on boats over 15m (50ft). Enables short handed sailing through push button control of winches and other deck functions which can be integrated into the system.

Racing Winches
Lightweight and strong, Lewmar’s racing winches offer the serious racer outstanding performance and power. Using the best features of our standard range combined with the technology used on America’s Cup and Volvo boats, Racing winches offer enormous weight saving for all IMS, Grand Prix and serious racer cruisers.

9 finishes are available to suit your boat:
• Chromed bronze with grey top
• Grey anodised alloy
• All bronze
• Polished bronze with grey top
• Stainless steel
• All chrome
• Half chrome
• CT – Limited models only
• Carbon – Limited models only