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Voltage Converters from Analytic Systems: DC conversion with DC DC voltage converters, dual voltage converters

Analytic Systems’ modern DC/DC Voltage Converters use efficient filtering, allowing for ultra-quiet operation. In addition, our converters are:

• Made from marine-grade aluminium extrusions or heavy-gauge aluminium sheet metal

• Powder-coated or anodized, and use stainless fittings throughout

• Fitted with robust circuit boards using expensive heavy-gauge copper conductors, designed by Analytic Systems’ engineers and assembled in our plant

Models are available to step-up, step-down, stabilize or isolate DC power over a range of 12 to 360 volts. No matter which unit you need, these easy-to-install Voltage Converters will give you many years of reliability.


Newmar DC to DC converter


Standard Series

Input: 24 – 32 VDC, Negative Ground
Output: 12 or 24 VDC, 3 – 50 Amps

Convert 20-50 VDC input to 12 or 24 VDC negative ground output for powering communication/navigation equipment, on negative ground systems. (See Isolated Series, for positive ground applications.) Ideal for powering voice, data and navigation electronics in marine applications.

Isolated Series DC-DC Converters

Input: 24, 36, 48, 72 or 110 VDC, Positive or Negative Ground
Output: 12 or 24 VDC, 6 – 35 Amps

The Isolated series provides voltage conversion as well as input/output isolation, allowing use of negative ground gear to positive or floating ground battery systems, or vice versa. Many models may also be used as 12 or 24 volt stabilizers for highly input voltage sensitive equipment.

Using an Isolated Converter as a voltage stabilizer on 12 or 24 volt systems can solve conducted noise and interference problems on sensitive DC powered devices communication, navigation systems, and DC micro-processor based devices.

12 To 24V Step-Up Converters

Input: 10-15 VDC,
Output: 27.2 VDC, 7 – 18 Amps

These “UP” converters produce 24 volts from 12 volt systems and are ideal for managing dual voltage applications on vessels and vehicles without having to install a 24 volt battery and dedicated charging system. Choose from two types depending on your application.


Mastervolt DC-DC converters


Mastervolt DC-DC converters: For 12, 24 and 48 V

A DC-DC converter can provide other voltages than those applied in your basic system. By using a DC-DC converter, other voltages can be reached. They also ensure that all your equipment has a stable power supply with the right voltage.

Mac & Magic series

  • Professional use.
  • Battery charger and dimmer function.
  • Parallel connection.
  • Adjustable output voltage.
  • Voltage stabilisation for a longer lifespan of halogen lights, etc.

DC Master series

  • Recreational and semi-professional use.
  • Excellent price/performance ratio. 
  • Easy to install using included mounting bracket.

The Magic models can regulate the voltage both up and down to ensure an optimal voltage stabilisation, even when the battery voltage fluctuates due to heavy loads. The galvanic isolation between input and output prevents disruptions to, for instance, communication equipment.

Supreme benefits

  • No unnecessary heat development due to the use of smart electronics.
  • Continuous output voltage.
  • Easy to install.

Please note

  • Choose the right input/output voltage.
  • Consider whether you require galvanic isolation.
  • Decide on desired output power.