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Marine instruments enable the sailor to measure and plot various aspects of his on-the-water experience in real time. Typically these include performance indicators such as wind speed and direction, boat speed and heading, and depth. More sophisticated systems can then take these basic measurements and calculate and display additional information such as true and apparent wind speed, course over ground, speed over ground and much more. Marine instruments are generally a combination of sensor, processor and a relatively small display unit or dial which can be mounted both above and below deck.

Prices and capability vary widely depending on capability. Top end systems can interface with sophisticated tactical software programs to use the performance data to calculate the most efficient way to navigate a race course in any set of prevailing conditions.

Good quality marine instruments are rigorously tested to withstand all environmental and climate conditions. They are silicone sealed to guarantee water tightness and come with sun protection covers to reduce glare and prevent over-heating. These unobtrusive yet essential instruments are generally easy to install in any type of craft and sailors find them invaluable - whether sailing, motor cruising, fishing or racing.

IS20 Instruments

Simrad IS20 Multi function Marine Instruments - clear, concise data with excellent precision. The new Simrad IS20 multifunction marine instrument series features the SimNet data bus and active sensor technology, providing unsurpassed performance and ease of use.

Simple installation - plug and play integration - save time and cost

  • - No need for access on the inside of the console or dashboard
  • - Remove the four corner caps, screw the instruments into the prepared space and replace the caps
  • - Plug and play with Simrad Yachting's Intelligent Marine Network - SimNet
  • - Slim line connectors for easy cable routing
  • - Connect the IS20 marine instruments and sensor in any order

‘Daisy chain’ the IS20 instruments and sensors in any order.

‘Daisy chain’ the IS20 marine instruments and sensors in any order.

IS20 Combi

Simrad IS20 Combi Instrument read data from 4 preconfigured data pages

IS20 Compass

The Simrad IS20 COMPASS System provides a precise 360° analog and digital heading read out.

IS20 Graphic

The Simrad IS20 GRAPHIC multifunctional marine instrument is ideal as a dedicated instrument for yachtsmen

IS20 Rudder

The Simrad IS20 Rudder provides a precise readout of rudder angle and includes the rudder angle sensor.

IS20 Tack

The Simrad IS20 TACK instrument provides a magnified view of the wind angle.

IS20 Wind

The Simrad IS20 WInd analog system includes the IS20 high performance SimNet Wind Vane