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B&G Triton² Digital Display 000-13294-001 B&G Triton˛ Digital Display 000-13294-001
List Price: US$549.00
Our Price: US$549.00
B&G Triton² Speed/Depth Pack 000-13298-001 B&G Triton˛ Speed/Depth Pack 000-13298-001
List Price: US$949.00
Our Price: US$949.00
B&G Triton² Speed/Depth/Wind Pack 000-13299-001 B&G Triton˛ Speed/Depth/Wind Pack 000-13299-001
List Price: US$1,399.00
Our Price: US$1,399.00
B&G Triton 10/10 HV 000-11087-001 B&G Triton 10/10 HV 000-11087-001
List Price: US$599.00
Our Price: US$599.00
B&G Triton 20/20 HV 000-11088-001 B&G Triton 20/20 HV 000-11088-001
List Price: US$999.00
Our Price: US$999.00
B&G 100' Masthead Cable 611-0A-053 B&G 100' Masthead Cable 611-0A-053
List Price: US$289.00
Our Price: US$269.00
You save US$20.00!
B&G Masthead Unit 213 B&G Masthead Unit 213
Minimum Advertise Price US$995.00
Minimum Advertise Price US$995.00

B&G’s H5000 instrument and autopilot systems combine unique sailing features with race-proven technology in a straightforward package. Developed for blue water cruisers and racing yachts alike, the range brings powerful system options to complement and enhance your sailing passion. The H5000 CPU, calculating precise data up to 50 times faster than its predecessor, provides Hydra, Hercules and Performance level software options tailored for all users from serious cruisers to professional racers. From clever sailing algorithms, including B&G’s unique boat motion corrections, to dedicated start line features, the H5000 won’t be beaten.

Triton instruments and Pilots bring the outstanding performance synonymous with B&G to the cruising yachtsman and club racer in an easy to use, great value, package. Triton provides class-leading display technology. By optically bonding the display we ensure a clearly visible screen in all conditions and zero condensation. Simple menus are navigated easily with clearly marked action buttons. Triton uses very little power, enabling you to enjoy more hours of sailing without charging. Triton displays use significantly less power than most rivals.