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ANSI Lighting Standards


Powerful light sources, precision engineered reflectors and high performance optics are the most important characteristics of directional lighting. At Golight®, Inc. we are committed to continually developing and testing new illumination and night vision technologies that produce more powerful and useful light sources. Golight® offers designs for usability in countless applications.

  • Powerful spotlights for intense illumination
  • Flood lens technology for work area illumination
  • Thermal imaging for heat detection and enhanced vision at night
  • Infrared lens for covert night vision enhancement
  • Clear top-housing for useful light in the completely vertical position
  • Pedestal mounts for better lighting angles on fishing boats


Golight's patented product designs utilize a combination of halogen and HID bulbs, LED's, optical lens and reflector technology to generate extremely bright lights. The designs eliminate dark spots, maximize effective beam distance and provide the user an effective spectral pattern. Golight® designs bring more lighting power to your fingertips, anywhere you go.


For the first time ever in the spotlight industry there is an official standard of measurement in effect for accurate
comparisons of spotlight performance.

New standards for spotlight performance measurement are now in place and accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). New Peak Beam Intensity (candela), and Maximum Beam Distance measurements are now presented next to all Golight® models.