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Lenco Trim Tab Parts

How to Select a Trim Tab

If you are still not sure which one to order, please call Lenco at 772-288-2662

Strength Comparison on Electric Vs Hydraulic

Lenco Trim Tabs:
  • Stainless steel rams
  • 12-gauge 304 stainless steel blades and hinges
  • Machine cut brass gears
  • High-tech seals
Bennett Hydraulic Trim Tabs:
  • Responsive: Instantaneous and accurate, no other system beats Bennett Trim Tabs.
  • Precise: All Bennett Trim Tab systems allow exact adjustments, especially critical at high speeds.
  • Durable: Bennett Trim Tabs are designed to last longer than your boat. Third-party research and countless testimonials have proven this again and again.
  • Hydraulic hoses are suseptable to the marine environment and the vibrations of heavy usage hoses leak, fittings corrode, pumps malfunction.