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Take command of your display like never before with Cross Touch, exclusive to the SOLIX Series. Everything you can do with the touchscreen, you can also do with the keypad-so rough conditions will never compromise your control. Some touch interfaces limit you to finger pointing. Not this one. Multi-gesture capability lets you navigate menus and activate features with a tap, swipe or pinch.


Expand or take a closer look at charts, sonar returns and more, simply by pinching or unpinching your fingers.

Customize views to your needs

From planning out to your fishing spot to trolling to casting, different scenarios require a different mix of technologies. SOLIX makes customization simple. Just swipe and drag up to four panes to create custom, pre-set views with your most-used technologies. Once you've finished building your arsenal, easily toggle between pre-sets for the view that best matches your on-water situation.

Access full screen views instantly

Need a closer look? Turn a multi-pane view into a highly detailed, full-screen view instantly with a two-finger press on your preferred screen.

Even bigger than it looks

It's our largest fishfinder ever. But size isn't all that matters. SOLIX delivers an unrivaled industrial design with forward-thinking features. The result is a state-of-the-art fishing experience.

Hands-free fishing built in

Hands-free fishing built in

Bluetooth capability keeps your phone out of the water and in your pocket by displaying notifications on your SOLIX. You can also take control of your most-used features with an optional Bluetooth remote (RC2).

redesigned keypad

The SOLIX keypad features a separate joy stick and encoder for precise adjustments and easy access to key features.

edge-to-edge glass

The striking, edge-to-edge glass and bright, high-resolution screen of SOLIX make every pixel count.

refined finishes

Don't let another fish slip through your grasp, thanks to the textured grip-back of SOLIX, designed to give you more control over the keypad.

versatile mounting options

versatile mounting options

It's your boat, rig it however you please. Mount your SOLIX in dash, on the included gimbal or directly to an optional RAM Mount for a clean, modern look.

Plug-and-fish networking

Plug-and-fish networking

High-speed Ethernet allows you to easily connect to Humminbird 360 Imaging, Minn Kota® i-Pilot® Link™, CHIRP Radar and additional SOLIX or select HELIX® units.

See the underwater world like never before with the unprecedented clarity of new Humminbird MEGA Imaging, available on select SOLIX models. Delivering nearly 3X the output of standard Side Imaging®, this groundbreaking technology CHIRPs across multiple frequencies in the meghertz range, taking fishing to a new frontier. It's indisputably, the clearest, sharpest sonar image ever-brought to you by the undisputed leader. Because when you made the rules, you reserve the right to reinvent them.


Gain a 180-degree, side-to-side perspective on the world below the surface with remarkable MEGA Side Imaging™. In an instant, the ultra-thin beam scans the area to the left and right of your boat's location.


Get a fish-eye's view of what's happening below your boat with Down Imaging®. As you patrol the water, you'll watch timber, brush, bridge pilings, rocks and any other structure or cover pop with stunning detail.


Don't miss a thing. By scanning multiple frequencies to improve target separation and reduce noise, Humminbird CHIRP helps you clearly identify structural details and even fish.

We're redrawing the boundaries yet again by making AutoChart Live, LakeMaster Plus and i-Pilot Link part of the SOLIX Series. Together, these game-changing technologies will help you know-and navigate-the water like the back of your hand. Discover hot spots and important contours using your charts, then use that information to automatically guide your boat with your Minn Kota trolling motor. SOLIX Series models are also compatible with Navionics+® as well as Navionics® Platinum+. Now, there's no such thing as uncharted water.


With a major assist from your transducer, AutoChart Live draws a map of your lake's depth contours-complete with actual depth labels-as you drive your boat.


Now the detail goes even deeper. AutoChart Live uses sonar to measure and chart bottom hardness, tipping you off to likely hotspots.


The weedline can no longer hide. With help from your sonar beam, AutoChart Live can now instantly map weeds, brush and other vegetation.

humminbird mapping + i-pilot link follow

Navigate with the detail and exclusive features of Humminbird LakeMaster, identify hotspots with SmartStrike™ compatibility and map any lake with standard AutoChart Live capabilities, all available on SOLIX units. Use optional i-Pilot Link to automatically follow map contours.


Predict where the fish are biting at any given moment. Based on search parameters like season, time of day, weather and fish species, an optional SmartStrike SD Card highlights areas of the HD lake map where your prey is most likely to be located. Available on GPS-equipped HELIX units.


For an added angling advantage, opt for Humminbird LakeMaster PLUS. This family of digital GPS maps gives you all the features of LakeMaster, with one key addition: aerial photography. View these high-detail images on your fishfinder as a single layer, overlay it with LakeMaster contours, or overlay it with the full LakeMaster map for maximum detail. Now that's a major plus.


View all the hidden features of the Louisiana Delta you've been missing from traditional maps. Humminbird LakeMaster now offers high resolution aerial photography of the Louisiana Delta on one micro SD card. Always know where you are with real-life aerial views of shorelines, waterways, landmarks, obstructions, roads, marinas, canals and channels. Also includes navigation aids, lake names, points of interest and more!