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CP100 DownVision Sonar : Dual-channel, high-resolution CHIRP sonar. The CP100's CHIRP DownVision™ delivers a photo like view of the world beneath your boat.

Sonar Type: CHIRP DownVision™

Depth Range: 600ft (183m)

CP200 SideVision Sonar: The CP200 CHIRP SideVision™ Sonar uses advanced signal processing to expand your underwater horizon with crystal-clear imagery.

Sonar Type: CHIRP SideVision™

Range: 600ft (183m)

CP370 Digital Sonar: The CP370 delivers exceptional clarity, sharper fish targets and automatic operation using Raymarine's ClearPulse digital sonar.

Sonar Type: Digital

Range: 5,000ft (1,500m)

CP470 CHIRP Sonar: The CP470 intelligently filters out unwanted noise while producing high resolution fish targets and reliable bottom tracking.

Sonar Type: Wide Spectrum CHIRP

Range: 10,000ft (3,000m)

CP570 Professional Sonar: Engineered for serious anglers, the CP570 sonar module bring best-in-class target separation and high resolution CHIRP sonar imagery.

Sonar Type: Wide Spectrum CHIRP

Range: 10,000ft (3,000m)

Model CP100 CP200 CP370 CP470 CP570 Wi-Fish


Sonar Type CHIRP CHIRP Digital Wide Spectrum CHIRP Wide Spectrum CHIRP CHIRP
Operating Frequencies* Centre Frequencies:

200KHz (Sonar)

350KHz (DownVision)

Centre Frequency:


50KHz & 200KHz Frequency range:

25KHz to 255KHz

Frequency range:

25KHz to 255KHz

Centre Frequency:


Operating Power* 600W / 1KW 1KW / 2KW 2KW per channel
(4KW max)
Depth Range* SONAR: 900ft (274m)

DownVison: 600ft (183m)

600ft (183m) Range each side 5,000ft (1,500m) 10,000ft (3,000m) 10,000ft (3,000m) 600ft (183m)


Sonar ✔✔
(Dual Channel)
(Dual Channel)
(Dual Channel)
x2 Channels (Port & Starboard)

Other Specifications

Nominal Supply Voltage 12V - 24V DC 12V - 24V DC 12V - 24V DC 12V - 24V DC 12V - 24V DC 12V
Operating Voltage 10.8V to 31.2V DC 10.8V to 31.2V DC 10.8V to 31.2V DC 10.8V to 31.2V DC 10.8V to 31.2V DC 10.8V to 15.6V DC
Power Consumption 5.6W Max 5.6W Max 30.6W Max 30.6W Max 30.6W Max 2.7W
Fishing Application Freshwater / Coastal Freshwater / Coastal Coastal Coastal / Offshore Tournament / Professional Freshwater / Coastal
MFD Compatibility a/c/e/eS/gS Series MFD All current and legacy MFDs a/c/e/eS/gS Series MFDs N/A

* The performance of any sonar module can be effected by a number of variables including: type of transducer connected, water clarity and the technical specifications of the connected multifunction display.